An Open Letter from the True Companion Management Team

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An Open Letter from the True Companion Management Team

We absolutely agree with Laura Bates, campaigner and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, that “rape is not an act of sexual passion…”

Roxxxy, our True Companion sex robot is simply not programmed to participate in a rape scenario and any suggestion that she does, is pure conjecture on the part of others.

When our sex robot, Roxxxy, is using her Frigid Farrah personality (note: she uses all of her personalities, rather than simply staying in one), she provides her opinion or feedback, just as any person would on a date.

For instance, you would not immediately passionately kiss a person (male or female) that you just met on your first date. Likewise, Frigid Farrah would also tell you that she just met you if you try to “move” too quickly.

Frigid Farrah can be used to help people understand how to be intimate with a partner.

Rape simply isn’t an interaction that Roxxxy supports nor is it something that our customers are requesting.

Our customers are purchasing Roxxxy because they want to experience companionship and rape is not a part of any reasonable companionship experience.

We understand and support the sentiment expressed, which is that rape is never an activity that should be supported or encouraged.

The True Companion Management Team

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