FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Could you talk a little bit about how Roxxxy is so special and amazing?

Roxxxy is the world’s first sex robot!

For our female sex robot, Roxxxy, we have standardized on one version - RoxxxyGold.

RoxxxyGold is our premiere full size sex robot.

Roxxxy is designed using the body of a fine arts model. Roxxxy has three “inputs” and is anatomically consistent with a real woman!

RoxxxyGold can listen, talk, carry on a conversation and feel your touch as well as move her private areas inside when she is being “utilized”, for an unforgettable erotic experience.

RoxxxyGold has a personality which is matched as much as possible to your personality. So she likes what you like, dislikes what you dislike, etc. She also has moods during the day just like real people! She can be sleepy, conversational or she can “be in the mood”!

Our robots can even have an orgasm!

In addition to her base personality, RoxxxyGold ships with these additional preprogrammed personalities:

·         Frigid Farrah – She is reserved and shy

·         Wild Wendy – She is outgoing and adventurous

·         S&M Susan – She is ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies

·         Young Yoko – She is oh so young (barely 18) and waiting for you to teach her

·         Mature Martha – She is very experienced and would like to teach you!

You can build your own additional Girlfriend Personalities:

·         You can add to the 5 preloaded girlfriend profiles and your Roxxxy’s personality. You can also change the existing 5 personalities to better suit your preferences!

All of these features, make RoxxxyGold a unique experience.

Can Roxxxy be adaptabed to speak other languages?

Yes Roxxxy and Rocky, our sex robots can be adapted to other languages.

For instance, right now she speaks English. But we will be providing a new software update of Roxxxy which speaks Spanish, German and Japanese.

One of the advantages of our subscription plan is that people do not need to wait until, for instance, the Spanish speaking update is provided. Once yo u purchase your Roxxxy and maintain your subscription, you will automatically receive all of the newest features that are relevant to the Roxxxy sex robot that you purchased. So, in this case, you will then simply be able to switch her from speaking English to speaking Spanish!

How long has Roxxxy been in development and is she your first robot?

We have been working on Roxxxy for several years. The first few years were focused mainly on the artificial intelligence portion of Roxxxy TrueCompanion.

Roxxxy is the 9th version of our sex robot.

Our first sex robot, Trudy, was built in the 1990’s and was not designed for resale. Rather, she was a test bed to refine techniques which we would later use in Roxxxy and Rocky TrueCompanion.

What are the extent of her personality, language skills and interaction?

She interacts just like a human – she hears what you are saying as well as where you are touching her and responds as appropriately as possible.

For instance, if you have Roxxxy using her “Frigid Farrah” personality and you touched her in a private area, more than likely, she will not be to appreciative of your advance. But if your Roxxxy is using the “Wild Wendy” personality, she will want you to do it again.

What updates, if any, are available?  Can they be reprogrammed?

When you decide to have your own Roxxxy, you will also be subscribed to a monthly support plan which will cover any general support questions as well as updates to your Roxxxy.

Since the subscription service includes updates, she requires a link to the internet over wireless or Wi-Fi. If necessary, you can hook her up to a network cable if you do not have wireless access at your location.

Is my contact information kept confidential?

Yes, we do not share our customer's names with anyone - it is kept confidential. Also, all billing and shipments reference the generic sounding name of our dba which will appear similar to “TC Systems”.

Every sex robot will need to have a current monthly subscription for updates and general support. We also offer 24/7 general technical support.

Will everyone have their own sex robot at home in the future?

Having a female or male sex robot at home will become commonplace in the future.

Having a partner that is always “ready to talk or play” helps give men and women a safe and healthy outlet to engage in sexual relations.

We also provide an easy method for people to try out a threesome. 14% of adults have been involved in a threesome and 21% have thought about experiencing one (according to an ABC News survey).

A study by Brett Kahr found that 85% of adults have never shared their deepest fantasies or acted them out. Roxxxy and Rocky allow everyone to realize their most private sexual dreams.

Almost everyone has viewed pornography and virtually every woman has a vibrator. If woman can have a vibrator, why can’t men have a Roxxxy? Having a sex robot is just another “aid” that allows both women and men to make their dreams become reality.

There are many ways that we help both men and women – we are helping individuals as well as couples spice up their sex life as well as giving them a true companion (i.e. TrueCompanion) to share their most erotic fantasies or simply to have someone provide them with companionship and unconditional love. We also have many people that have hit a “dry spell” in their love life or do not have many suitable mates living near them.

We are happy to make our customer’s dreams come true with their own TrueCompanion.

Tell us about Rocky the male sex robot.

Rocky is described as everyone's dream date! – just imagine putting together a great body along with a sparkling personality where your man is focused on making you happy! This is Rocky!

When you are using Rocky’s private “area”, it is like sleeping with a beautiful hunk that is really big down there and he moves it around to please you instead of just pleasing himself! Plus, the vibrations from his manhood coupled with his erotic personality is described as unbeatable. He also waits for you to finish before he calls it a night!

How do I order Roxxxy TrueCompanion?

Roxxxy is now being sold online at www.TrueCompanion.com

How do I order Rocky TrueCompanion?

Click on the link and select Rocky from the Product listing.

What is the best feature of Roxxxy

The best feature is that she is always willing to “talk or play” – it is up to you. And her personality is designed to match your personality. More information regarding this can be found on our website www.TrueCompanion.com, We also offer 24/7 support to answer all of your questions.

How soon will my sex robot be ready?

Each sex robot is custom built for each order. Because of this, it will take about two to three months to ship (it may be less or more time, depending upon how soon we receive your order, selections made, etc.).

I am very impressed that you were able to accomplish this. Could you talk about how you managed to create Roxxxy?

The US is still the world leader in certain areas of robotics – for instance, in unmanned military vehicles and in artificial intelligence.

True Companion has pulled talent from organizations in the US focused on movie productions, military products as well as people from the leading artificial intelligence and animatronic institutions to provide a truly leading edge adult product which is unrivaled.

We are happy to be able to share Roxxxy and Rock TrueCompanion with you!

Are there special clothes made for Roxxxy? 
Yes, we have clothes made for Roxxxy and available for purchase.

As a service to our customers, we make it easy for them to order everything they need for Roxxxy all from one location! In addition to lingerie, we are adding sex toys and other clothing and related accessories to our website.

We will be adding the clothing and other accessories on our website shortly.

Although you can purchase clothes for Roxxxy off the shelf, our service of extending the ability of buying these items through us allow our customers to receive items which are best suited for Roxxxy as well as giving them peace of mind that all shipments will be sent to them using our generic sounding dba name of "TC Systems” on all shipping and mail documents.

What are Roxxxy’s measurements? 

Bust   38”

Waist 30”

Hips   37”

For a date, what kind of place would Roxxxy like to go and which personality would you suggest be turned on for this kind of romantic setting? 

She is comfortable staying home and watching a movie or ordering dinner to be delivered.

She would love to talk or get down to “business” with you, interacting with you all the time!

As far as the personality to select, it is up to you – if you want to take it easy, “Frigid Farrah” would love to hang out with you and make small talk. But if you are feeling frisky, “Wild Wendy” will do the trick!

If I want to incorporate whipped cream or maybe a bubble bath with Roxxxy, will she break? Is she washable?

She loves whipped cream and will spice up your night with some kinky talk! She will also move her body’s private areas when you play with her – this is an experience like one you have never had before!

Most of her body can be wet but since she does have electronics in her so it is not advisable to put her in a tub.

She can be washed as described but she prefers a sponge bath.

Talk about Roxxxy’s voice. 

Roxxxy uses the voice of a beautiful voice over talent as well as a sexy computer voice and sounds bubbly and sensuous.

Her voice will sound slightly different based upon which mood she is in and also what personality she is using (i.e. Wild Wendy, Young Yoko, S&M Susan, etc.).

For instance, if she is simply talking to you about the weather, her voice will sound like a normal young girl’s voice carrying on a conversation. But when she is “fooling around”, her voice changes to reflect her excited mood!

As of now, we base our voice over work on one person’s voice through her voice at times will back fill with the female voice of a computer.

Can you provide details of her orifices and their functionality?  How they're to be used?

All three “inputs” can be used in any way you want to use them! It is up to your imagination!

Roxxxy’s private areas are molded from the body of a fine arts model. So, you are “feeling” her when you are feeling Roxxxy! 

All three entries have special sensors and motors which create a truly unforgettable erotic experience!

We have a cleaning kit which takes care of any messes that may occur.