Dr. Oz Meets the New Roxxxy Sex Robot

Douglas Hines, from True Companion, was very excited to present and unveil the new Roxxxy Sex Robot when he met with Dr. Oz!

Several of her new features include additional motion throughout her body (arms, hips thrust, torso, etc).

In addition, her Foundational AI now allows her to function without the internet as an option (that’s right – no wireless internet, no internet, no ipad, etc is necessary for normal operation!)





Below are three videos of the new Roxxxy Sex Robot!

Click Below to See the First Video of Roxxxy Meeting Dr. Oz


Click the Below Section to See Roxxxy tell Dr. Oz About Some of her New Features


Click the video link below to see her body moving, having an orgasm and “interacting”…



Douglas Hines speaking with Dr. Oz about the amazing features of the new Roxxxy True Companion Sex Robot

Douglas taking a moment to pose for a picture with Dr. Oz

Behind the scenes look at the Dr. Oz show

Douglas Hines Presents Keynote Speech at AI World Forum

Douglas Hines, the President of True Companion, was honored to deliver a keynote speech at the AI World Forum in Toronto, Canada.


The topic of his speech was “Sex Robots and the Future of Intimacy”

True Companion www.TrueCompanion.com is the manufacturer of the World’s First Sex Robot, Roxxxy. True Companion’s humanoid robots utilize a proprietary AI platform called “Foundational AI” which is a robust machine learning AI engine that utilizes an easy to use natural language conversational interface. True Companion’s robots look and feel like a human, have emotion and may utilize one of many personalities, creating a unique, tailored experience for the customer.

In addition, Douglas is the managing member of TC Systems www.TCSystems.com which is focused on partnering with industry and providing AI as well as robotic solutions.

Douglas worked at Bell Labs and several other organizations, providing assistance in the field of AI and machine learning. He and his team have assisted with many commercial and military systems and have applied AI and lessons learned in the fields of sex robots, healthcare systems, future weapons systems, human/machine interface, retail solutions as well as integrating AI into existing product offerings.

Bloomberg Interview with Douglas Hines Sex Robots as Companions / Healthcare Robots


Bloomberg Interview with Douglas Hines Sex Robots / Healthcare Robots

CNBC Article on Sex Robots – Interview with Douglas Hines



BBC Business News Interview with Douglas Hines of True Companion and TC Systems

BBC Business News Interview with Douglas Hines of True Companion and TC Systems

BBC Business News Interview Douglas Hines True Companion Roxxxy


Click here to listen to the interview




Roxxxy TrueCompanion.com Sex Robot Hands on Demo (Prior Version)

Here is a hands on demo of Roxxxy, the World’s First Sex Robot (Prior Version)!

Stand by for the new Roxxxy TrueCompanion.com sex robot!

Roxxxy True Companion Sex Robot Hands on Demo (Original Version)


Huffington Post and Roxxxy TrueCompanion

Can Loving a Robot Lead to Divorce?

Read Vicki Larson’s Article about this topic and our Roxxxy TrueCompanion Sex Robot on the Huffington Post Website:


See the New Roxxxy Face with her New Leg, Head and Body Movement in Action!

See the new Roxxxy face and body – now 60 pounds, with her new body movement for her legs, head and hips!

Her new features include:

  • A Beautiful New Face
  • Light Design – 60 pounds
  • Motion of Legs, Head, Hips and Body to Create Outstanding Experience
  • Hands Which are Posable and Can Grip
  • Enhanced Detail of Skin and Lifelike Feel
  • Expanded Artificial Intelligence and Communication Abilities
  • Ability to Rent Her in Select Markets Initially and Additional Markets in the Future
  • Expanded Affiliate Reseller Program with Aggressive Margins for Revenue Sharing
  • Limited Time Reduction in Price, Down Below $7,000

New Roxxxy Face Unveiled!

TrueCompanion.com Technical Series Episode # Tech1 Parts 1 and 2

Part 1 of 2 of Episode # Tech1 (The second video is below in this same post)

Part 2 of 2 of Episode # Tech1